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Big Time Early Access Pass Redemption for Gold Pass Holders Started on April 19th

Early access to the multiplayer action RPG Big Time begins for Gold Pass subscribers ever since April 19, 2022. Those who bought a Gold Pass NFT on OpenSea or Binance may now use it to explore Big Time. They also get the leverage of taking part in a Gold members VIP game launch experience.

Big Time is an online action role-playing game where players may form groups, hunt monsters, and collect riches. The game features one-of-a-kind in-game things such as personalized personal weaponry and clothing. Big Time has been under development since early 2021, and the Gold pass holders get the first access, with more access opened in the coming weeks for other pass holders.


Gold pass holders will have access to Big Time beginning from April 19, 2022. Gold Tickets are still available at roughly $6,300 on Opensea. Big Time Studios has hired gaming industry experts from Epic Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Riot Games.


Initially, there were three early access passes, with a fourth Ruby pass added later. The community members who contributed to creating the game’s fan base in its early days and those who continue to contribute to the growth of the communities get the Ruby Pass. As a result, the Ruby pass may only be obtained through community activity or on the secondary market, where none are currently available.

Redemption Instructions

The whole redemption procedure is complete once Binance and OpenSea NFTs validate all network confirmations. After redemption, your Early Access Pass NFT is of no use.

Congratulate yourself! You’re all set to play Big Time. Begin with downloading the Big Time launcher. Remember to login into the Big Time launcher using the same Marketplace account you used to check in to the Marketplace.

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