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Blockstars: An Engaging Music Management Simulation Game – Overview

The purpose of the management simulation genre is to become a competent manager and amass more resources. And there’s no better gaming model for this than earn-to-play.

Players in management simulations get rewards for being good stewards of the economy. But the awards have been largely fictional up until now. Blockchain technologies have fundamentally reversed the script, allowing players to profit monetarily.

About Blockstars

Blockstars is a music management simulation game in which players put together Blockstars, bands of musicians. Players write, record, and release singles and package their greatest hits into albums. They put in the time and effort to improve their abilities. Thus eventually work towards the goal of earning enough money to start and upgrade their Record Label. This stage unlocks a whole new game loop in which players sign up and nurture the next generation of Blockstars.

The developers formulated the gameplay based on the passage of time in real life. The game design is such that it balances both experienced players and complete beginners. Players compete for spots on the leaderboard. Different factors enable match across many different play styles. So yes, you can still min-max your way to the top of one of the leaderboards. But there will be multiple ways to compete, win, and earn.

Blockstars – Attributes and Abilities

Each Blockstar is minted with a random, programmed, pre-determined beginning set of features of varying degrees of rarity. Players own them as a unique NFT on the Solana Blockchain. Blockstars can improve their qualities through practicing, doing particular in-game actions, and playing the game. In the game’s user interface, a single star rating represents from 0.5 to 5.0 stars of the overall current ability. This allows an instant assessment of a Blockstar at any given time. Blockstars have moods, much like humans. Blockstars can be happy or sad, bored or enthusiastic, active or lazy, and more, with each mood having its own set of applications.

Musical Abilities

On a scale of 1 to 100, each Blockstar possesses at least one and up to three musical abilities. Bands require a range of unique musical skills. Some are far more uncommon than others (for example, many more Band types require a Vocalist rather than a Ukulele player, making Vocals a consequential but ordinary skill among Blockstars). Blockstars may perform vocals and turntables, which do not belong to the five instrument groupings. Blockstars with a maximum of three Musical Skills will be far more unusual than those with only one ordinary skill like Vocals.


Group of Blockstars with the correct mix of musical skills together form the bands. Each Band specializes in a musical genre and competes in both the genre’s and genre’s Singles and Album charts.

When Blockstars join a Band, the Band’s Musical Skills enhances. The player actively controls the Band, and the Blockstars (and the Band) are entitled to their Minimum Wage and percent Cut of earnings.

Making Music

Blockstars can establish bands and begin creating, recording, and selling music. Several factors drive the music-making process:


The team is working to create a long-term game economy makes tokenomics critical. To begin, $ROCK is Blockstars’ governance token. The gamers get the coin as rewards and acquire or mint new assets.

Second, $ROLL is the in-game coin for Blockstars. One can use this coin as a daily P2E currency for paying for concert tickets or winning money from gigging.

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