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Civitas – Play and Earn community-driven 4X strategy game: Overview

Civitas Game Overview Details

Civitas is a 4X strategy game with a Play & Earn community. Collaborate with thousands of like-minded people to create the finest civilization imaginable. Carve out a niche for yourself in the community to compete or work with other player-controlled towns. Civitas is a completely decentralized NFT game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It has in-game assets supported by an L2 solution, and it offers fully decentralized NFT asset ownership and DAO governance, owing to blockchain technology.

What is Civitas?

Civitas is a project-driven, collaborative, city-based game developed by Direct Games. If someone enjoys constructing or crafting, this game will pique your interest. Furthermore, it uses a play-and-earn concept, which is a huge plus. This game brings you to a thrilling new universe. A decentralized autonomous organization (subDAO) owns the Civitas game. In addition to this, it has secured $20 million for a blockchain-based 4X strategy game. The $20 million fund was created using the profits from the sale of the CITI game token.


Unlike many typical 4x games, in Civitas, players work individually and collectively to raise their city, vie for power, create internal alliances, and struggle against or collaborate with other towns. Players take ownership of a piece of land once they have chosen which city to support. They are free to personalize their territory to collect resources. They can create and upgrade structures and contribute to their city’s progress. 

Cities strive for scarce resources on the global map and are self-governed through a subDAO system. This system allows inhabitants to choose how they want to progress on certain issues. The issues include governance, financial systems, and basic components and capabilities. Each city center has a virtual tower of influence. It is only accessible to citizens.

How can the users access the game?

Civitas is now under development for the PC, iOS, and Android platforms. Entering the cosmos using augmented reality allows users to find CITI tokens and play mini-games. Players will be able to locate these items using the map view.

Using the PC version of the game provides its own set of advantages. When playing on their computers, players engage with their territory. They look for, gather, and craft objects and make a post on the city’s message boards. For a more immersive experience, they have access to the city marketplace, all city tower elements, and the global map view.

Communication with backend servers and business logic takes place through a single REST API, regardless of client type. The company also uses Unreal Engine 5. Furthermore, users may stream from an Unreal Engine 5 client installed on Civitas’ servers into a browser with the click of a button while viewing the game using the Lite Client.

Funding Partners

Delphi Digital and Three Arrows Capital headed the financing. Framework, Bitkraft, DeFiance, and Sfermion were also participants. Several significant partners have also joined the round, including CCP Games, the classic MMO EVE Online makers. YGG and Merit Circle, two of the most powerful guilds in the sector, are also a part.

The company was created in 2014 and is directed by A group of industry veterans. It included CCP Games, LucasArts, Weta Digital, DICE, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Tencent. The company plans to launch a beta in the first quarter of 2023, followed by a full public release later that year.

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