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Cosmic Champs – The coolest NFTs in the Cosmos: Overview

Cosmic Champs is a battlefield game set in a real-time universe, developed by Mad Shapes, a gaming studio. It is a real-time play-to-earn game set in a cosmic timeframe set in a 3D playground, Algorand. It is conceived that soon, Cosmic Champs will become an epitome in the crypto-gaming ecosystem. 

This real-time strategy game is set in the retro-future, where champions traverse the galaxy. They get down at nutrient-rich cosmic planets to win battles and win Cosmic Gold and intergalactic accreditation. Thus the whole game is set in a futuristic inter-cosmic timeframe. 

The Cosmic Battlefield

Cosmos is a playable GameFi economy where you can buy, sell, trade, and fight NFTs, including Champs, Ships, Planets, Blueprints, and Treasure. Players create the perfect combination of competitive champions, defeat opponents in competitive gameplay, win tournaments, win treasures, and thus ensure that their word of fame spreads throughout the universe at super-fast speeds. 

During the battle, the ship transforms into a base, enthusiastically mining the planet’s natural resources and collecting enough space material to buy Blueprint NFTs that players can use to build new ships and expand their fleet. 


Cosmic Champs combines elements of defense, multiplayer battle rounds, and collectible card games. It is so designed that both casual and competitive players can have fun. The core feature of this game is “Play-to-earn,” and thus, it also created an unbiased opportunity for those without any NFTs. 


This cosmic game is set in a retro-future, 13000 years from the present. The era of peace and prosperity suddenly ceases as mysterious dark forces emerge, swallowing the universe and leaving few survivors scattered in the universe. Deep in space is home to former soldiers, short-circuited robots, and other mobile ships with non-conforming crew members. They affectionately call themselves champions, and it’s a payday, after all! They look for gold and resource-rich planets in the universe to mine and often find that they are not alone. Champions fight each other in the winner-take-all arena. 

Champ Features

Each Champ NFT has up to nine unique characteristics. Unique characteristics vary by champion type. Some traits improve the character’s in-game stats, while others are purely aesthetic or reserved for future features. The following is an example of the characteristics of Champ NFT:

Gameplay Modes

The two primary modes are: 

Player vs. Player (PvP)

Fight friends, enemies, and strangers to earn tokens and NFTs to hone your skills while unlocking champions. PVP Arena is an online multiplayer version of the game. Internet access required.

Player vs. Computer (PvC)

Fight computer AI, earn tokens, and NFTs, unlock champions and hone your skills. PVC arenas have the same characteristics as PVP, but one player fights against computer-controlled opponents. Internet access is also required.


Every Card in this game has a 2D representation for the card deck and a 3D representation for the battlefield. The number of possible combinations of these traits is almost unlimited, allowing for a sophisticated shortage index. More traits that affect in-game stats may be sought when considering aspects from gameplay to acquisition. Some visual aspects of NFTs may be similarly coveted due to their rarity (e.g., golden eyes, collaboration NFTs).

Influence of NFTs and the BlockChain Industry

The fusion of NFTs into a play-to-earn gaming model is one of the many exciting new possibilities that differentiate blockchain games from traditional games. It’s yet another reason why gaming is shaping up as the key to unlocking the true potential of the NFT industry and metaverse projects. 

BlockChain Industry has stirred a revolution in the gaming industry by putting all the control in the hands of the players and creating a decentralized economic game.  

The global gambling market is the fastest-growing form of entertainment in 2021, with a total annual value of US $ 180 billion as of November 2021. The value of mobile games continues to grow rapidly.

The NFT market is just in the beginning phase, but needless to say that the symbolic rates, as shown above, are undeniable, and we can expect to see such high trends as more game developers incorporate blockchain technology. 

Cosmic Gold (COSG)

COSG’s Tokenomics is designed to encourage the community to participate in games and tokens. The $COSG token is all set to launch on April 21, 2022. The main goals of $COSG are: 

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