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Earn SAND with the Snoop Dogg Doggies in The Sandbox

“We gon’ throw our set up, And we gon’ get our beard up, While I roll my weed up, In my Sandbox with my feet up”, Snoop Dogg raps in his latest video of a blocky metaverse of The Sandbox. The conspicuous appearance of Snoop Dogg in the Sandbox game world and NFTs has dynamized the gameplay experience of the users. There are the Snoop Dogg avatars or NFT Doggies, that are launched in the game this year.

Now, the Doggies have become a further way of rising the economy. Seeing the marketability of the feature, it’s adding exciting events to improve the engagement and earnings of the players. And no doubt, among the passionate players the Snoop Dogg, has gained a satisfying response.

The event of the Doggies club

From the 3rd of June, the Sandbox metaverse with the Doggies, starting its first event of the four weeks event series. In the Alpha Season 2, the Doggies are playable, and you got to have the Snoop Dogg avatars, which are currently on sale in OpenSea. So, if you are a part of the Doggies club, this event has got 1M mSAND to share between you and the other Snoop participants. While each week consists of various events sharing the prize money of 250,000 mSAND.

Here’s the schedule of the 4 weeks event:

All the details of the events are going to be notified on the contest page of the Sandbox.

About Snoopverse

Introducing the world’s first NFT music label album Death Row, rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg has stepped forward to build a new platform. Recently the music video ‘House I Built’, is completely based on the metaverse of Sandbox having cars, cash, pool, and character themes on metaverse only. The seed of the Snoopverse was grounded last year since Snoop Dogg announced his partnership and mansion building.

Snoopverse has the pixelated version of snoop and his 10,000 playable avatars NFTs. The avatar launched before the Alpha Season 2 and an exclusive price rise was noted in a quick period. The Ethereum had a 2.5% more from the daily gain and in total it was noted a 10% hike in the price of SAND. Along with the partnership it featured two LAND sales lined up with 598 LANDs. And a lot more features were added to it.

About Snoop Dogg

A gangsta rapper, Snoop Dogg has always been in the eyes because of his contributions to rap, and investment in developing technologies and games. He’s the best-known figure with 19 studio albums and over 175 singles. Currently, his engagement in the field of cryptocurrency and NFTs have got him more popular both in the music and game industry. The formation of his own metaverse in The Sandbox leads him to enclose the new sight of the evolving world.

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