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Everything You need to know about Golden Bros by netmarble

Golden Bros is an upcoming 3v3 blockchain-based shooter game developed by netmarble. It is a free-to-play shooting game where you will be able to invest and earn cryptos, probably in the form of NFTs. In the game, you have to establish your base and use your powers at the right moment. The characters are called Bros, and you will be given 9 Bros as default. Each Bro will have different powers and abilities. Check-in rewards will be given each day during login, which you can use to upgrade your Bros and receive Classic Grade Costumes.

The free-to-play users will be rewarded with in-game currencies Gold and Medals instead of eGBC – The official token of Golden Bros.

What are Classic Grade Costumes?

Classic Grade Costumes are non-NFTS obtained by completing daily check-in and in-game campaigns. Equipping this costume will let you a minimal amount of GBC.

 Bros with Costumes                  VS          Bros without costumes
  All Bros irrespective of Costumes can obtain Gold and Medals from Battles.
  All bros can participate in all event regardless of Costume use.
  Bros without Costumes can win GBC in Battles

What are Gold and Medals?

Tokens in the game

 GBC is the official in-game token of the Golden Bros. Early Access Bros can trade GBC at the grand launch. To use GBCs, a player must register them in their wallet through the game withdraw feature.

 ITAM CUBE is the utility token. The utility token will help you in your journey as a Bro by providing several utilities. ITAM CUBE can be traded for third-party coins too.

The amount of GBC that can be obtained from each battle depends on three factors:

  1.  Costume Grade
  2. League Tier
  3.  Battle Result

GBC return on investment from each battle will be calculated as follows:

netMarble has not yet announced an official release date of the game, but the game’s early access will be unlocked to the public in the first quarter of 2022.

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