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How Football Clubs Can Increase Their Revenue with MetaSoccer & Web3

If you are a football fan then no doubt, directly or indirectly you participate in the contribution to the clubs. Fans and e-viewers share a major part of the revenue. How about turning it into an advantage? Or maybe you are already familiar with the MetaSoccer, the first-ever football metaverse created by Champion Games. It was founded seven years ago and is yet, the most advanced venture of Champion games.

For the next seasons, the highest revenue is marked to be generated from sponsorship and broadcasting. The overall worth will be around £10.5 billion with a total rise of 16% from last season. A lesser part is also obtained from the tickets. Here again, the fans have got a section. So, MetaSoccer’s recent fundraising of $2.3million can’t be questioned seeing the demand.

What is MetaSoccer?

MetaSoccer is a blockchain soccer metaverse that features a Play-to-Earn game. The game targets both P2E players and football fans. Video games, Soccer, and gambling, all three combinedly form the MetaSoccer. With a decentralized economy, the users have ownership of the game assets by purchasing them using the $MSU token and use them to play or sell in the marketplace. As a game asset or NFT, it provides Youth Scout, Players, and Stadium, which renders a quite similar digital version of the real one.

Revenue generation from MetaSoccer & Web3

As MetaSoccer is a P2E game, it follows a decentralized economic policy – allowed by Web3 Blockchain technology, that benefits the users to earn real-time currency. Why Web3.0? Because it has handed the complete ownership in the hands of the user. The user gets the empowerment of minting and managing the game universe.

MetaSoccer is mentioned to be a revenue source ‘cause it is associated with the real football game and players. Some renowned names like Emiliano Martinez – Argentina NT Goalkeeper, Thomas Partey – Arsenal Midfielder, Ronaldinho – Brazilian attacking Midfielder, Dani Carvajal – RMA Midfielder and 5 times UCL Winner have signed the partnership with MetaSoccer. These partnerships, advertising the products and getting sponsorship contracts gain revenue. Not only in the digital marketplace but also in the physical club stores it allows the use of $MSU for the promotion of leagues, buying tickets, and club items. So, this revenue generation medium can’t be ignored in the case of football clubs.


NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) can be considered the key element of all web3 Blockchain-based games. Talking about MetaSoccer, it plays a major role in growth opportunities and gives an advantage to the crypto industry. So, being an investor or partner, or player, claims ultimate merit.

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