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Introduction to Web3Poker – The Best Poker Social Platform and P2E NFT Game

W3Poker Introduction

W3G(W3Games) has produced another game for the NFT game players i.e the W3Poker game. It has introduced the ultimate P2E platform for Poker players. Texas hold ’em, being the most popular variant of the Poker card game, is now trending on the social platform of games. You connect with players worldwide, collect NFT Passes and earn revenue through a completely decentralized monetization system.

The W3G studio has already got its massive users for the exclusive visual experience of other NFT games. Yet, W3Poker is gaining the participants gradually even at the first launch. The unique user-friendly environment of this game is featuring the play-to-earn trait block and bold.

W3Poker gameplay

This game is completely based on the NFT Passes that are categorized to a certain level – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black W3POKER Pass with their own values. Where you have to purchase these cards with validation of 3-6 months in the form of loot boxes. The W3Poker official website and marketplace contain the portal for purchasing the Passes. Also, the loot box carries a deck of 52 poker cards and 2 jokers.

Then, Texas hold ’em gameplay begins with the provided daily chips according to the grade and pursued Pass. Those chips again evaluate the ranking of the player and the gross earning of the token. The overall gameplay is summed up in this series.

The Play-to-Earn feature 

Today’s demanded games mostly include the P2E genre and W3Poker facilitates the feature to earn in the digital marketplace. It rewards the in-game tokens which can be used for upgrading the NFT passes, stack, and trade as real money. It has got a complete decentralized trading policy like the other W3games which makes it more suitable.

How W3Poker stands apart from other poker games?

As another poker platform, W3Poker is marked for its gameplay strategy of chips and NFT Pass. Basically, it’s social networking that connects people through games and fun. Worth mentioning thing is along with P2E benefits, it can be also played by the non-crypto users or we can call it a F2P (free-to-play) game. Though the F2E feature is yet to be launched in the Q2 phase of 2022. The biggest catch about the game is, that it includes the MASCOT loot box or MASCOT NFTs. This additional factor is to multiply the properties of NFT Pass and can be gained (purchased) through in-game tokens.

By now, the game is welcomed with a good response from Texas hold ’em players and with ongoing development, the beta testing version of the game is scheduled to be released in the second phase of 2022. Many participants are awaiting to experience this poker game of W3 studios.

The W3Games Studio

The W3games or Web3games ecosystem provides incredible blockchain-technology-based NFT games of versatile categories. P2E and F2P, both games are launched by the game studio. However, the creative VFX design for games is remarkable. This gaming industry simultaneously connects through social media platforms like its discord channels and makes the games more user-friendly through its decentralized transparent ecosystem.

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