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Minecraft’s Play-to-Earn Earncraft Server: Overview

Earncraft Game

One of the most downloaded games – Minecraft is leading the marketplace for the past 10 years. With multiple versions supporting Windows, Xbox, android – the pocket addition, and so on, it has now launched the Play-to-earn blockchain-transaction version EARNCRAFT.

Tallying with the current expanding field of decentralized economic e-sports, Earncraft has established its metaverse of NFTs and game creation structure. This is the first blockchain-based game to introduce an in-game wallet and in-game transaction. Along with the blocky 3D world of original Minecraft, Earncraft includes trading, ranting, advertising, configuring unique projects, and competitions. It has many more features piled up to be released soon.

EARNCRAFT economy ($PLOT Token)

$PLOT is the base digital currency of the Earncraft ecosystem. It is stored in the provided wallet of the player in the form of tokens or coins or NFTs (non-fungible-tokens). Tokens or coins are utilized in the trading system, where the PLOT NFTs or digital Lands are the elements of trading. The game map is divided into 4096 NFTs (Lands) and having land in your wallet facilitates creativity, access to the in-game stores, dealing with other players, and so on. As it is a decentralized game, it has a free-market economy which is more suitable for the players’ and developers’ community and gives the ability of in-game transactions. You play and earn the PLOT, then convert it to real money (USD) for real-world uses.

How can you earn the $PLOT?

The current price of PLOT is $0.00865 and is ranked 3281 on Coinmarketcap. You can earn through various methods.

Explained roadmap of EARNCEAFT

The year 2022 covers the provided roadmap of the Earncraft server. It started its presale of tokens on the 20th of march to get help in revenue collection. The work on the website and server was started in January and by the 25th of march, users got access to the resources. Throughout the second phase of the year, the game released the features of minting, buying Plots, and crops; Plot and crop sales back-to-back. It got more players’ engagement to the game and a growing sign from all the Minecraft fan base. Yet, the server is at its raising phase. So, many more things are to unfold soon.

Remarkable points about EARNCRAFT

Earncraft is a Polygon-blockchain driven game. Minecraft is one of the Sandbox games, so Earncraft also falls under it being a server of Minecraft. It is also a F2P (free-to-play) game. That means you don’t need to spend on Minecraft to play the game. You can be a free Minecraft user for this P2E game. It has got a detailed description of the F2P feature on the website and for premium users, this thing can be skipped. Then, planting the crops provides you the PLOT token up to 834% APR. So, this is considered as a decent income path for the players.

The overall discussion leads the game as an upcoming demanded one in the P2E game players’ community.


A 3D metaverse game of sandbox games is Minecraft. With lots of awards and rewards, it has its own fan base. Here, the players explore the game world and contribute to building their own Minecraft world. Currently, it has got many versions with updated gameplay experiences and new elements are added over time.

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