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Netmarble announced to start working on new titles involving NFTs and a new Netmarble Metaverse

NetMarble, South Korea’s largest mobile gaming giant, has announced the eponymous metaverse, NetMarble Metaverse. The announcement also shared that a few titles are in the development mix and will be built for the metaverse built on the blockchain and NFT technologies.

NetMarble Metaverse

NetMarble’s chairman and founder, Bang Jun-hyuk, revealed that the studio is currently developing around 20 games, out of which 70% will be based on blockchain technology. NetMarble’s first game to adopt the technology will be A3: Still Alive, a play-to-earn RPG that will allow players to monetize through NFTs and other in-game assets. A3: Still Alive is expected to release in March 2022.

Everybody’s Marble: Metaworld will be NetMarble’s entry into the metaverse technology, including land and asset ownership like virtual real estate. The player will use the piece of land in whatever capacity they choose. Everybody’s Marble: Metaworld will be a sequel to the popular board game “Everybody’s Marble.”

About NetMarble

For a Korean publisher, the move by NetMarble to introduce blockchain-based games was an interesting one as the games won’t be published in South Korea as play-to-earn games are banned, so that the market will be overseas for the developer. The ban isn’t unique for the country, as even China has restricted teenagers’ access to video games. 

The NFT marketspace has huge potential, and it is a twenty-two-year-old company that is now looking to change directions with venturing into crypto and the blockchain. It employs around 3000 people in South Korea and has relations with Big Hit Entertainment and even Disney.

NetMarble isn’t the first Korean company to explore the NFT game space; WeMade and Com2Us Holdings are other major developers to have plans for their blockchain games, and both are based in South Korea.

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