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Orbit Meta is a visual technology game project that integrates NFT and Blockchain – Overview

Orbit Meta is a project that combines NFT and Blockchain in a visual technology game. The game’s tale recreates devastated civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Indus, Viking, Anasazi, Asgard, and Atlantis. Thus allowing users to engage in learning about NFT and playing to gain. At the same time, it forms a bridge between parallel realms, from ancient to modern.

The Orbit Meta Project’s brilliance is that you may experience and live in those ancient civilizations. The Orbit Meta Project is a series of activities related to the crypto community. It primarily explores new features and upgrades of DeFi and GameFi work together. It progressively leads you to the meta world by generating materials and spiritual qualities in each type of game.

About Orbit Meta

Furthermore, Orbit Meta will assist the programming team in developing NFT-chemical games, resulting in an infinite number of unique game ecosystems. The deep concepts and unrestricted scalability in games created on a unique design make Orbit Meta special and unique.
The distinction of Orbit Meta is that it improves the survivability of NFT projects that are still in development, therefore enhancing the game life cycle and interoperability.


“Research history since only history can reveal the source of the problem.”

Due to the convergence of science and technology in daily life, one issue that has remained fascinating and widely discussed by society is the genesis of humans, human predecessors, and early civilization. When was it established? Is Darwinism correct that we evolved, or is there another explanation?

Vincent, a representative of the younger generation interested in the origins of human society, has traveled across the years in search of answers to questions veiled by the dust of time. Orbit Meta will transport us back to ancient civilizations where the Gods were the Supreme Beings.


The journey to discover new worlds begins from there; Vincent is attracted by what he sees in front of him; he touches, hears, and feels everything. Using his skill and expertise, Vincent quickly gathered map pieces to unlock routes to 7 diverse historical cultures, including the Maya, Anasazi, Viking, Indus valley, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, and Asgard.

Players may work together in this universe to calculate time, organize their adventure, and form a team to conquer and uncover rare goods unique to each planet, guard them, and bring them back to develop their world. Real-life members’ personalities and gameplay are openly displayed here.

The Creator Deck platform will provide fertile ground for individuals with creative minds to produce unique NFT goods. NFT owners may either keep developing their world and changing the scenery or sell them on Space Market, which will be a marketplace for planets to exchange thousands of NFT equipment and products, among other things. It will undoubtedly be the destination for all members due to its 3D visuals to reflect their lifestyle. Imagine being able to travel to any civilization or planet in the blink of an eye when you engage in the Metaverse.


Orbit Meta is a project dedicated to digitizing and realizing digital assets. It uses decentralized peer-to-peer technology to build a cross-border, open, and transparent virtual asset auction platform. Anyone who joins the project may develop and exchange virtual assets in the marketplace by following a few easy procedures. Orbit Meta assists in the conversion of virtual assets into real-world assets. It is continually optimizing features so that NFT can have a wide range of applications.

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