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Splinterlands: Best Starter Builds

Splinterlands Best Builds

Splinterlands is a well-known NFT-based game that consists of tournaments and missions. The game is suitable for players of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or experts.

Splinterlands, like games like Axie Infinity, is all on the combat. To begin using Splinterlands, you must first create a collection from the Splinterlands catalogue. In this essay, we’ll look at the finest starting constructions for novices.

Let’s start with the fundamentals of the game.

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a blockchain card-trading game that is completely free to play. It’s quite straightforward, as the game runs on the Hive blockchain. In Splinterlands, you combat mythological creatures and monsters to earn in-game prizes.

Splinterlands has garnered a card-collecting subculture owing to the game’s virtual card trading nature. The game now includes around 300 distinct cards to mix and create the ideal deck. If you are totally new to this game, it is rather simple to grasp and enjoy.

Splinterlands Cards

Each Splinterlands card is an NFT, which means it has variable values and qualities during and after gameplay. You may also exchange and trade your cards to improve your build.

As a novice, you will start with the same deck of cards as every other beginning. These cards are free, and they provide a strong foundation for building a good card collection. You can buy more cards to add to your collection. Each card pack purchase will include one rare Splinterland card, allowing you to win more fights.

You may also purchase NFT Splinterland from an online marketplace, where you can compare their qualities and skills.

So, what cards are there in the game?

The cards (NFTs) are classified as common, uncommon, epic, and legendary in many different play to earn NFT games. You have a very little chance of ever finding a legendary card. However, each card pack contains one rare card, which is a wonderful way to start a collection.

The cards are classified not just by rarity level, but also by edition. There are five distinct editions, for example. This includes the following:

Splinterlands Gameplay

The gameplay in Splinterlands is lively and enjoyable, with several jobs to do as well as combat. However, you should make a game plan before you begin.


Daily tasks are part of the action, and the more you complete and win, the higher your chances of obtaining an NFT card. You will get access to one new mission every twenty-four hours as a Splinterlands player. There are several sorts of quests, which we shall discuss below.

Splinter Quests

Splinter missions need you to win ranking bouts with a summoner from the Quest splinter. You have won the game if you can win with a splinter card. You have the option of using an earth splinter, a water sprinter, a fire splinter, a death splinter, a life splinter, or a dragon splinter. Because this is a strategy game, you must plan out which splinter cards you will utilise. You wouldn’t want to utilise a dragon splinter without a dragon summoner, for example.

Ability Quests

Ability quests rely on a specific ability on one of your cards rather than splinters. To defeat your monster opponents, you must have a monster with the dominant ability in your stack.

Splinterlands Battle

When you combat, you must assemble and pick a squad.

Once you’ve decided on your side, you may pick between wild and fight modes. Examine your squad lineup, including any splinters and components that you are permitted. You will also be able to observe summoners and must select one. By selecting a summoner card, you determine which monster card you can draught for the remainder of the deck. Choose a summoner and a monster. The cards that the summoner will summon will emerge.

Best Starter Build for Splinterlands

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of the game, let’s have a look at the optimal beginner build for your battle.

When it comes to cards, the game keeps to the six classes mentioned before (fire, earth, water, life, death, and dragon splinters). Check out these cards if you want a decent chance of winning the battle.


Water requires a strategic approach, and water delivers this.

Alric Stormbringer and Bortus are the two water summoners. Bortus increases magic damage, whereas Alric depletes your opponent’s magic allotment.


The most lethal ingredient is fire. These cards are effective against the life class and shield tanks.

Serpentine Spy is an excellent choice because of its inexpensive cost and strong potential ability. Furthermore, Fineas Rage is ideal for a beginner’s setup. The card is fast and possesses a powerful power shot. This card is also suitable for beginners.


Earth cards are required for a powerful, dependable fight.

The Stole Golem card is an excellent choice for your initial deck. This card is less expensive and has a powerful shield ability, making it ideal for blocking your opponents. Furthermore, the Wood Nymph card is a healer. This signifies that these cards have a high health level, but they drain fast. They are inexpensive to purchase and will safeguard your other cards.


Life cards are tricky to play yet powerful when done correctly.

The Feral Spirit card is inexpensive and has a strong speed and evading ability. This can keep any opponents and their potential damage at bay. The new Venari Crystalsmith card has a huge health pool, as well as outstanding speed and damage control.


Death cards have a lot of power and health. Using a summoner will also lessen your opponent’s melee damage.

There’s the Death Elemental, which has a sniper ability, and the Soulstorm, which is inexpensive and powerful. To top it all off, the Soulstorm card includes flying powers, which further adds to its magnificence.


When playing Splinterlands, there are hundreds of cards to pick from. Every card has its unique set of powers, and no card is completely neutral. There are cards that will help you as a newbie in Splinterlands, and some are rather expensive. We hope you found our post to be informative!

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