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The Red Village Announced $35,000 Worth Prizes for Completing the Tasks

The Red Village

The Red Village tournament mode is all set for alpha launch in March 2022, with the announcement of $35,000 worth of prizes for completing the task.

Schedule to keep an eye

The Red Village tournament is coming with a blockchain-based dark-fantasy-inspired world. The tournament will have eight brutal, bloody, and offensively attacking players, making it an intense watch.

For How Long Will the Alpha Launch Run?

The alpha launch of The Red Village tournament will remain live for one month. Then it will be taken offline for 1-2 weeks to get feedback from the players. This feedback will be assessed, and any concerns from the players will be addressed. It will allow the developers to upgrade the game environment and provide the best experience to players in the long run. It is a great way to ensure that the community concerns are incorporated, bugs are tested, and the other related things are improved, making it smooth to run for the beta launch.

Rewards for the Champions

Champions that players own in the Red Village are the actual representation of the NFTs. The fascinating thing is that each Champion is animated so that whether Battlemasters have an Orcish Barbarian in golden armor or Elvish Wizard in black robes, they will see their actual Champion enter the arena and spill blood. This is going to be an exceptionally rich experience for the players.

The Red Village is eager to launch its tournament and get players’ feedback. Here the thing to note is that it is an alpha tournament mode, and it will be working continuously round the clock for a month to improve the gaming experience of the battle masters.

About the Red Village

The Red Village is an NFT based play-to-earn multiplayer game. It begins with an intricately created collection of formidable warriors.

There are five classes of Champion in The Red Village; the Barbarian, Wizard, Druid, Ranger, and Paladin. Each Champion is unique with its distinct name, skills, attributes, and characteristics. Using their fearsome NFT Champions, players can fight for honor and glory in famed Red Village PvP tournaments before the malevolent Blood Queen. 

Victorious players earn real financial rewards or even their opponent’s NFT. Those daring enough can also team up with other NFT communities to wage war in large-scale Faction fights, which take place in custom-built, epic arenas, themed for each community.

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