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Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Web3 Game

NFT Games

The time and technology had the stream started with- you play just for enjoyment to you play; you earn. Then the development of Web3 took control to give the gaming industry a new height. The progression before P2E and Web3 was quite simple. Web1 to just upload websites, Web2 to create the own website and content. When Web3 handed the ownership feature to the users, it entered the digital marketplace.

Considering Web3 as the current era, blockchain is the first phase. Blockchain has the Ledger that records all the transactions, which makes it more adaptable and reliable. Then the NFTs are the marketable assets of web3. What is the key feature of web3? The answer is interoperability across various platforms. It has resolved the issue of asset loss due to the platform change, that the old version had. To stand at the locus it possesses other heads, negligible downtime, player ownership, and decentralized transaction. 

Talking about the Web3 games and studio, it provides enough accessories to explore and create your version of the game in the web3 metaverse. Its app development platform, Ethereum dApp supports smart contracts. Which empowers the local development ecosystem. The advanced user income and entertainment of web3 predict the replacement of traditional gaming, yet, the risk factors of sales and marketplace are taken into account. So, what do the 40+ successful web3 games own to grow in the practical ground? We can consider Gods Unchained, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity likewise a few named blockchain functioned games that can draw up 5 criteria neatly. Let’s discuss the main elements.

1. Nature of gaming universe

While creating a game, the decisive and creative point is to target the both crypto and non-crypto audience. And the upfront property is the visual representation of your gaming metaverse. Most of the current games’ metaverse has a high-quality 3D graphic model and thrilling storyline. Whether the player is here for earning or not, the primary aspect of ‘Game’ should be satisfied – that is entertainment. Then the clarity of the game world followed by the minting of NFTs by contributing to the improvement of the ecosystem is another factor of Web3 games. The Player should have the capability to make changes in the game.

Illustrating the universe of Axie Infinity, it has a simple yet fascinating ecosystem filled with interesting creatures that amaze its players. Also, the classified modes have got catching universe design. The organization allows the customization facility too.

2. Business model

Here, web3 ultimately refers to the P2E and F2P games. And trading with digital currency requires an effective business model to claim growth. Along with the efficient economic system, a game works on various revenue streams. Starting from the in-game token to the start-up capital and partnership the sources equally contribute to pay for the game creation and reward distribution. However, the higher mass flows the free feature. Management of the revenue facilitating the free-earning gameplay and justified payable assets increases the game sustainability.

No doubt Axie Infinity requires players’ investment to play and get unique features, but, unfolding the scholarship program, axie has given the pass to the Free-to-earn gameplay. AXS is the game token that is used to trade in the game marketplace with a flexible peer-to-peer market. Sustainable economy planning adds valuable utility to Axie, horizontal progression, advertising, and sponsorship.

3. Team quality

A creator team always brings a productive outcome as every member acquires relevant skills. For the transparency of the game, the public team assures the players’ reliance. Web3 game creation’s foremost standard relies on the team.

The white paper of Axie Infinity clearly mentions the team details and the proficiency of the members.

4. Financing and roadmap

In terms of profit, the success of the game can be easily calculated. That profit includes stable financial development, engagement with the users, and growth in quality investors. And connecting the dots always frames the users’ as well as the team’s empowerment map. Which gives fresh updates plus enthusiasm for upcoming plans. Carrying out those plays an indirect part in the success.

The roadmap and complete milestone of Axie Infinity started the marking in 2020. Along with, the financial raise to support the roadmap, have played a role to bring forth the game.

5. Community

The engagement of users contains a community to work along, a platform to hike participation. And Twitter, Discord, and Telegram have become the ultimate platform with the community to lift the game experience where you increase the outreach of your game and its projects. Here, the DAO also plays a vital role to manage the fund of the game after the success. The fulfillment of the goal can be disturbed by the DAO’s inefficiency.

Axie has been recognized as a wide game community in the NFT games. regular guides and updates have increased user satisfaction. The management of current and future revenue is done by the Sky Mavis core team and over time, it is integrated into secure DAO.


Web3 can be called the digital recruitment platform marking its involvement in the field of e-sports and earning. However, the mentioned criteria cover the major part to maintain gain and growth. Some side key factors are yet to be taken into consideration like marketing strategy maintenance following the current demand etc.

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