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Top 3 Blockchain Games on Polygon

Best 3 Polygon Blockchain Games

Blockchain technology and Ethereum currency have got a dynamic fusion to elevate the P2E gaming world. Also, it has got an evolving GameFi chain platform – Polygon, which is proven as the leading system that supports decentralization transactions. The polygon studio has made itself the best choice for the trending NFT games and upcoming gaming projects. It has flexible adaptability with more than 500 decentralized apps for the fulfillment of the required environment and the solution to scaling protocols.

So, the games having higher user preferences fall under the Polygon studio. The observation according to the new users of Polygon games has picked out three games that can be mentioned as the top Blockchain Games on Polygon. Here are the brief words about those.

1. Arc8

One of the leading mobile crypto games is Arc8, which is by the GMEE ecosystem. Arc8 is the combination of 10 mini crypto games – Marble dash, Pixel dungeon, globo run, Wizard 21, Hexonix, Pirate solitaire, 99 blocks, Samurai Hold’em, and Atari asteroids. These games are of the puzzle, action, card, and arcade genres and allow 1v1 gameplay. Out of which, every game is free-to-play but, completely depends on the user’s performance and gameplay strategy to earn.

This Polygon game has the in-game tokens called GMEE which are earned through winning the in-game live tournaments and beating the other players in the game. These tokens can also be staked and withdrawn to the NFT wallet for further use and transactions. Also, points are rewarded to the players according to the gameplay which can be used to develop the character’s strength and unlock the exciting features.  

2. Crazy Defense Heroes

Another noteworthy Polygon mobile game is Crazy Defense Heroes, a P2E and also F2P blockchain game. Here the gameplay allows you to mint your tools of the battleground and customize the defense strategy of the game character. With the mentioned ability, you will be able to collect incredible cards of 400 types. Then, the card also helps to add improved techniques to the gameplay.

$TOWER is the economy of the CDH game. You earn the NFTs through the gameplay or even purchase them on various platforms. The game also contains Star Chests that increase the TOWER count. These tokens are then used to gain the in-game tools.

Besides, it gives a fun time playing to the users and has got a good marketplace as a crypto mobile game.

3. Pegaxy

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a simple horse racing game, though the competitive gameplay contains multiple entertaining features. You breed the Pegas and participate in the race of 12 players. And to get the reward your position requires to be within the top 3.

The goal of the game is to earn $VIS-The in-game token. VIS gives you the ability to breed more Pegas and trade or use them; open match-winning properties. However, the PGX token is also there that has the same working as VIS but, additionally maintains the balance of the price to make it more accessible.

There are some regular gameplay seasons and Championship programs are held to make it more enjoyable. The enthusiastic players go through five levels during this Big Sprint championship and get to earn heavy economy.


In both the business marketplace and players’ community, the well-established decentral game projects of Polygon are accepted with strong growth. Not only the mentioned games but there are also more upcoming games that are piled up and expected to reach above the current strategy. The series of successful blockchain-based polygon ETH games are launched over a recent period and already become popular like the Arc8, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Pegaxy games.

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