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Top 5 Free Play-to-Earn Crypto Games in 2022

Top 5 Free Play To Earn Games

The current era of digital marketing and trading has owned the generation’s attention so, as the gaming industries, which are driven by cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). These games are called P2E games, that is, Play-to-Earn. Here, the player can earn the NFTs and use them for real money trading. These have become possible due to the blockchain technology that allows this trading in the gameplay. No doubt, this evolution is strengthening the E-sports profession.

From simple puzzles to the PC shooter games, P2E covers every genre. Instead of buying the game, it features buying of assets and earnings in the game that maintains profit from both ends. However, some free games called F2P (Free-to-Play) allow playing without paying anything, earning and trading those in the game or digital marketplace. So, here are the top 5 free P2E games of 2022 listed up. Let’s go through those briefly.

1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a blockchain trading card game that works on its won currency, the $GODS token. The token is generally used to buy, sell and create NFTs like other crypto games, whereas it mints the items in layer 2 Ethereum. Owning the digital cards gives the players the access to own game assets and trade for the GODS token. As this is a player-versus-player game, the cards can also be used for the in-game battles and gain more by winning those. Here, you build the deck and sell the cards to other players with complete ownership of the game items. The game is designed to set fair, competitive matches by arranging the players of the same rank. So basically, you earn and trade money just by playing.

2. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a unique P2E game of the NFT world with its blockchain. This is the next generation Collectible Card game that allows the players to participate in different in-game activities and earn cards and rewards. Players having various stats and factions of cards are matched up against, maintaining a fair rank arrangement. The won cards can be sold in the NFT marketplace to gain cryptocurrency. Moreover, this game is a Hive-blockchain-based one.

You need to set a gaming strategy to gain more. You should know how much to spend and how to trade. However, a set of base cards is given at the beginning; afterward, you grow them by playing.

3. Chainmonsters

Chainmonsters is another NFT-based game that uses Flow Blockchain technology. This MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) is more like a pokemon based game, currently with 161 chainmons (or in-game creatures). You have to catch, battle and trade those unique creatures to earn the economy. Also, trading of the in-game assets can be done as it features a completely player-driven economy. Chainmonsters has got a handcrafted 3D gaming theme to give the ultimate experience. However, the game is under development and yet to provide more user-friendly gaming and trading environment. 

4. Axie Infinity Scholarship

Be a scholar (or player) to earn SLP (Small Love Potion) and AXS to convert those to real-time money. Axie Infinity Scholarship, the NFTs game, is constantly providing the AXS tokens or SLPs to the players who wish to play the game but do not possess the financial ability to purchase the unstable pricing of the tokens. There, the players or scholars are provided with the required Axie by the managers looking to split their in-game earnings due to lack of playtime. These managers buy the scholars with great gaming skills and give them Axie with a passive earning of 60/40 revenue from the scholar’s side. We can call this a trading between NFT owners and scholars. However, this is completely official and even accepts the in-game risks.

This game has already got its demand from both scholars and managers, which made it listed in the top 5 free P2E games.

5. The Sandbox

The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based virtual metaverse game, is worth mentioning while discussing the NFT-managed F2P games. It provides the players with the access to forge their assets to have an incredible game experience. Then, the flexibility to trade those in the marketplace. It contains the trading asset called LAND- A piece of Sandbox Metaverse. Players do monetize their part of LAND to earn NFTs.

The game has just ended its alpha season 2 of gameplay, offering great rewards and earnings. The Sandbox game has three components: VoxEdit, Sandbox Marketplace, and Sandbox Game Maker (The technology that provides free access to build the in-game virtual metaverse). Moreover, a unique gameplay experience is offered for which it is on the verge to launch the third season as well.


The free Play-to-Earn games made the gamer profession more acceptable as it allows a sound digital earning through proficient gaming skills. So, it can be said that the tradition of one-time purchases can be replaced by these P2E or F2P games in the future of E-Sports. Though the supporting technology like blockchain is still developing, the success of these NFT games is still marked.

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