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Top 5 Move-to-Earn Projects of 2022

Best Move to Earn Apps

Feeling quite lazy lately? In need of an exercise maybe? jealous of that fit co-worker or your favorite celebrity, wishing you could look like them, but just can’t find the motivation to work out? of course, not your fault for being like this. Corona left us loving the lazy inside of us and now we can’t find the right motivation to move around much or at all. Well, my fellow couch potato, let me make you an offer you can’t refuse, Money for Movement.

Yep, you read that right, with the number of advancements we’ve made in the crypto space, now you can earn money from the comfort of your home just by moving around and working on yourself physically to get that spartan look you’ve always wanted. So, get off that computer, put your binge shows on hold and start blasting their playlists at the highest volume and follow my lead as I guide you through some of the best move-to-earn projects of 2022.

1. StepN

One of the biggest and most successful projects of the M2E movement, StepN is a fitness-based program centered around running, walking, and jogging. The process to get into the program just requires you to purchase a pair of NFT sneakers based on their capabilities and then earn crypto as they keep following the workout instructions provided by the NFT token. For some more dopamine secretion you can also choose to compete IRL with other people working out to top the leader boards. the app was released in March 2022 and devs are already hard at work in adding new features and more options for participants to make more money.


Certain situations don’t allow us to work outside, Covid being a prime example. for situations like these, one of the best and most used alternatives to exercise at home utilizing the M2E technology is DOSE. DOSE is a VR-based fitness program and is part of. the program makes full use of the metaverse and its merits to create a virtual world for you to exercise in and earn crypto. the currency you can earn from this is called ERC-20 and can be earned from participating in challenges and programs like 22 pushups, dustland runners, and KARA smart fitness.

3. Dotmoovs

Dotmoovs does things differently from other M2E projects as it centers around the participants taking part in exercises revolving around football/soccer and prepare for your involvement, just set up a camera in a location where it gets a full and clear view of your body as it uses sensors to detect your body movement. follow the instructions and perform the various tasks provided to you by the app to earn crypto.

4. Genopets

Genopet may sound like a Pokémon inspired videogame but it’s much more than that. For starters, it’s not your typical game where you sit in front of your game system. Instead, it’s part of the M2E movement where you have to work out to progress in the game. the game revolves around raising your own fictional NFT pet known as Genopet into a beast and in order to do that you have to engage in physical activities, which gets converted to exp as it improves your pet and helps it level up. Take part in fun Pokémon like battles and daily challenges using your Genopet to earn $KI. these can be used to upgrade the cosmetics and skills of your Genopets. Once you have maximized the limit of your Genopet NFT you can sell it in the market for a high price.

5. OliveX

OliveX is one of the biggest M2E projects as its also related to DOSE crypto and is part of the even bigger game called Sandbox. in order to take part in OliveX, you need to be a user of Sandbox. there you can head to the OliveX section in the metaverse in which you can take part in the various activities the project provides which involve physical exercises. completion of these activities will earn you DOSE tokens.

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