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Top 5 Play-to-Earn Crypto Games to Earn in 2022

5 play to earn games to make money in 2022

It’s 2022 and you might ask, “Is the future here?” well let’s see, flying cars? Nope. Life on mars? Maybe. Making money by being on your phone for hours and hours? ABSOLUTELY. For, you see, it’s the dawn of the unstoppable era of crypto. An era where anyone and everyone can earn by doing absolutely anything they want. Spend less time indulging in sleepless and stressful nights over your career choices and degrees, and more time appreciating the finer things in life and enjoying it to the fullest, while also having a firm, independent grasp on your financial success. And to achieve that, allow me, to guide you through the vast expanse of the metaverse and present to you some more of the most loved, well-designed, and accessible play-to-earn games of 2022. No catches, no strings attached, and you get exactly what you ask for and then some, nothing less and everything more. Below are some of the hottest games of 2022 that you can dive right into and start earning.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest and most played crypto games in the world with an average of around 2 million players almost every day. It was developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis and is available on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS platforms. The game is built on the Ronin Network, which is an Ethereum-linked sidechain developed by Sky Mavis.

The gameplay is inspired from the widely popular Pokémon franchise and consists of similar gameplay which involves collecting different creatures of varied identity and stats called axie, which can be then used to create your own unique team of axies to battle other opponents in the arena or through the adventure mode to earn money.

The in-game tokens are called Axie Infinity Token and Smooth Love Token or AXS and SLP for short. AXS is earned through constant battles and victories in the PVP mode of the game where you battle other players in fierce battles to make it into the game’s leader board. SLP is earned by completing various arena battles and by engaging yourself through the game’s adventure mode.

Through progression, you earn various axies in the game which are the main payoff in the game as they are the NFT that can be sold in the marketplace for money. Their worth varies from creature to creature as their value depends on the rarity of their limbs and skillset.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a sandbox game(genre) developed by studio Pixowl and is available on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It’s a community creation platform where you can create and monetize your events, games, and voxels. Basically, what that means is you can create your assets which can be anything like voxel art or various game modes and types similar to what you can do in games like Roblox.

All the user-generated voxel-based assets in the game are created by using VoxEdit, which allows you to create, rig, and animate your own voxel-based NFT. It follows a unique self-developed voxel-based blockchain that allows the creators to generate new and unique content exclusive to them which can be then sold in the market as NFTs.

3. Gods Unchained

Gods unchained is a deck building/trading card game that is created and developed by Chris Clay, the game director for the immensely popular Magic:The Gathering Arena.

Like the games it’s inspired from, the gameplay of gods unchained depends on deck building where you collect and own your personalized deck of cards which you can then use to battle other players. while you can get your cards for free for playing the game, certain rare cards are rare in nature that were available for purchase before the launch of the game and can be bought from other players using ethereum in the market if they have purchased them beforehand.

The tokens in the game are called GOD tokens, which can be used by the players to make unique NFTs and sell them to the marketplace and the ownership of these tokens also gives you the power to control the direction of the game’s development process which makes the game more consumer-friendly for players.

4. Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world exploration, NFT creature collector game developed for PC and Mac and released in 2022. the game consists of a vast and graphically detailed world filled with 100+ creatures to discover, collect, and battle. explore and discover 7 distinct alien zones scattered all over the game world filled with mysterious creatures, marvellous landscapes, and secrets all over the world to find out the events that led to the disastrous events that shattered the once-living world of illuvium. the game utilizes the Ethereum blockchain.

The gameplay consists of auto-battle, which is quite simple and easy to master, overall, what you do is explore the world and collect and evolve your character through resources and then engage in various battles with other players where you set up a group of your unique creatures against your opponent’s group. you can earn various rewards and ILV tokens in-game by taking part in tournaments, completing various PVE-based quests, taking part in special events, and winning battles against other PVP opponents.

The creatures that you collect on your journey are called Illuvials and they can be traded bought or sold in the IlluviDEX, illuvim’s marketplace, along with other farmable materials and craftable NFT items all achievable in-game just through gameplay.

5. Plants vs Undead

Plant vs undead is a tower defense game inspired by the iconic Plants vs Zombies game and is expertly meshed with farm simulator aspects akin to Stardew valley which has given birth to one of the most unique and creative NFT games ever made.

You manage your farm where you do some day-to-day activities which involve taking care of your farm and plants like watering plants or harvesting seeds. doing so strengthens your plants and also offers you the game’s currency known as Light Energy. these plants can then be put in the battle against the undead to protect your farm and earn NFTs from it.

The plants are the NFTs and they can be sold,traded or bought in the marketplace.


The world of the metaverse is vast and it only keeps getting better for us. As time goes on, meta and crypto are doing everything in their power to allow the people of the world to make a sufficient and efficient living by actually doing things they love and instead of getting shunned for it, are getting paid for it. do not close yourself off from these opportunities and subject yourself to unnecessary work. Take part in the meta and shape your life the way you always wanted it. The future is now and it’s our job to keep it that way.

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