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Top Move-to-Earn Projects on BNB Smart Chain

It’s been over a decade since the dawn of the era of cryptos and now it’s bigger than ever. since its inception, it has evolved far beyond the virtual currency identity and has branched out into many different successful projects and ideas like NFTs, Metaverse, and so on. This has also evolved in branches never thought of before like videogames and even surprisingly exercise. YES, even exercise now can get you money. and not just exercise, almost anything you do now can be monetized so the possibilities of crypto and how they make life easy for you are endless, staying on the exercise bit, let’s take a look at some of the biggest projects on the BNB smart chain.

1. StepN

One of the earliest and most influential projects on the BNB smart chain, StepN is a fitness-based program centered around running, walking, and jogging. The process to get into the program just requires you to purchase a pair of NFT sneakers based on their capabilities and then earn crypto as they keep following the workout instructions provided by the NFT token. For some more dopamine secretion you can also choose to compete IRL with other people working out to top the leader boards. the app was released in March 2022 and devs are already hard at work in adding new features and more options for participants to make more money.

2. Calo

Another project with a complete launch recently with great success is CALO. Similar to Stepn the objective is to get yourself an NFT sneaker and then just engage yourself in various movement activities like walking, running and  jogging. the game uses GPS to track movement and also has a unique implemented anti-cheat system from keeping participants from cheating.

The project uses a $CALO token, which is part of the BNB smart chain. the more you take part in activities organized by calo the more tokens and NFTs you earn which you can then use in the marketplace. CALO also has a mobile dedicated app on both android and iOS devices called


VICMOVE, launched in April 2022 aims to differentiate itself from other move-to-earn projects by adding features that make it feel more like a game than working out in real life. just like a game, you are given different stat points like energy, luck, stamina, level, and fusion which adds a layer of depth and psychological excitement to the game. the core concept is very similar to a Pokémon or an RPG game where you advance, level up, and fuse different items to get better loot with better stats. all of this but implemented in a real-life situation where you earn while you experience a make-believe game system which inspires you to get fit.

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