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Top NFT Projects in June 2022

NFTs show no signs of stopping and as we head deeper into a crypto-dominated world, more and more projects are popping up in various areas to garner more interest from people from all walks of life. instead of being a mere jpeg to trade and earn, people are coming up with fun and engaging ideas to incorporate nfts in various forms of media like movies, games, comics and even exercise. And with the inclusion and attention it has gained with the grown popularity of the metaverse, it will only get much bigger and expand much further. Let’s take a look at some of the most ambitious upcoming and available NFT projects of June and onward.

1. Memeland

Memeland is an NFT-based meme collection started by the popular content-sharing website, 9GAG. since 9GAG is mostly known for its memes, the creators have cleverly come up with an idea to help people earn from it. Memeland consists of 9999 memes, which are basically NFTs. These NFTs consist of a captain PFP, which unlocks a private club membership and gives you exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace, real-life events, upcoming 9GAG drops and projects, and more.

Memeland uses the $MEME token which can be used in the Metaverse marketplace. This is one of the biggest collaborative and trusted projects as it’s backed by giants in the meta space like First Round Capital, Freestyle Capital, Greycroft Partners, True Ventures, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and many more.

2. The Possessed

The Possessed is a new and creative take on NFTs with their sole intent of bringing the lost creativity out of you. It consists of 10000 animated NFTs which come with a full animated NFT and 2 pfps, which have a ‘BLESSED and POSSESSED” version for your NFT avatar. In order to gain access to their discord ,you have to go through a very fun and gimmicky process of selection, where you sign up and participate in their “LABS” as a ‘TEST SUBJECT“. When you are selected you will be given a secret code which gives you access to their dedicated VIP only discord server and will then be given exclusive privileges. The Possessed lauches june 30th.


Nanopass is an upcoming NFT project that will give you access to a plot of fictional land in the Nanoverse. these passes are procedurally generated and consist of not one, not two but a minimum of 22 animated assets. they are very diverse in terms of themes, and you can choose from various aesthetic settings like cyberpunk, underworld space station, or even something vastly different like fantasy. Owning these passes gives you access to their weekly black boxes.

Black boxes contain various types of loot which can be other NFTs, donations to various charities, or even physical objects. These are also given in the capable hands of you, the community. the community
decides and dictates what the loot will be so you will never feel cheated.

the first collections of NFTs have already been traded and a second collection was recently announced to be on its way.

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