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What can you actually do in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is a space simulator gaming project of Cloud Imperium Games, and critics rate it as an ambitious project given its beautiful gameplay. As with everything else in the world, Star Citizen comes with a hefty price tag. The price of Star Citizen is unrealistic expectations and the demand for perfectionism by the gaming community. To check whether this is true because staff of more than seven hundred employees is working day and night to develop this masterpiece. Below are some of the best things you can currently do in Star Citizen and enjoy your time in the space. 


Star Citizen currently offers more than eight different careers ranging from miner to trader, hunter, repair, racer, doctor, etc. Become a trader and set your shop on a planet or on your ship to sell items to other players for Star Citizen Auec. The game also features bounty hunting tasks that you can complete to become a professional hunter and receive good rewards. Mining and refueling involve traveling from planet to planet, so pack your bags and set on an adventure through the space if you have already completed all the tasks on the current planet. The game is in-development, so there are some glitches and bugs in careers but don’t worry, as they don’t ruin the essence of the game at all and automatically resolve after some time.

To mine resources in space, fire a laser beam at your target, or there is specialized mining equipment available for sale on planets that you can get to take the mining experience to a whole new level. For advanced mining, you may need specialized ships. Mining is a delicate process because if you point the laser at the target for too long, the chances are that you will ruin the resource. Resources of the right shape and size are worth more than you can imagine. These resources can be sold in the market. 

Beware of mining too many resources, as you will come on the radar of space pirates who will attack you to loot all your resources and money. This shouldn’t be a problem for the rich guys as they can pay other players to guard them all the time while they mine resources. 

If you are having a hard time understanding the whole career system in Star Citizen, play as a miner for some time as it is easy to understand compared to other careers. There are always space residents fighting with each other, and people are keen to learn about these fights. Buy a special spaceship and become a news reporter and keep everyone in the universe posted about what is happening around them. You can earn rewards by sharing details of the captured battle with residents of the nearest planet.  

Just like the real-life, everything in Star Citizen is taxed, and those who can’t afford them will buy them off from the black market. You can hide items in your giant spaceship and smuggle them to the desired planet without paying a single penny in taxes. Start your luxury transport business and earn money by helping players who want to get somewhere in style. Show the world your ship maneuvering skills by buying a fast ship and racing around the universe.  


Star Citizen takes combat seriously, and there is a separate mode for combat lovers, which is called Arena commander. You can fight against AI targets as well as real-life players. The combat is pretty fun yet intense at the same time. Developers added some specially crafted maps for the arena commander mode only. Although the game is full of glitches and bugs, there are no glitches in this mode. Equip with some big guns and the right spaceship based on your gameplay and defeat enemies.  


As Star Citizen is a space simulator, the work of ground vehicles is minimal, and the first priority of developers was to better up the ship arsenal. Still, there are some good vehicles in the game, and the overall system is better compared to some similar games. There is a total of twelve vehicles in Star Citizen right now, while various other vehicles are in the development stages. The game features tanks, rugged explorers, buggies, and fancy explorers, among some of the best vehicles. The physics of vehicles aren’t up to the standard, but they are still worth the try. Take the steering wheel and experience some realistic driving on planets. The terrains of the planet are different, so there is no other best way to try them. Race against players or defeat them in battle with these ground vehicles. After feedback from the gaming community, developers have hinted that they will be working to make some significant changes to the vehicle system. According to experts, the game will also feature a whole new level of ground combat based on the appearance of ground vehicles. For vehicle lovers, mineral-rich areas will be their favorite destinations.


Star Citizen features the best gameplay for a game that is still in development. It is a first-person shooter, but the gameplay wasn’t the first focus of developers till now. Although players were shocked to learn that the gameplay section was being developed by a third-party development company, Cloud Imperium didn’t care about them at all.

Developers had to face some huge backlash from the gaming community, and this made them realize their mistake, and now they are also focusing on the gameplay section. They released a large number of updates recently, and now the gameplay section is pretty good. Depth of field and animations of characters were increased by adding details to them.

Characters work like real-life because you have to care about their drinks, foods, and optimal temperature to keep them in the perfect condition and make them work hard. Some tools are available in the game to do your job, but it is the physical strength of the character which matters at the end of the day. MMOPIXEL.COM makes it easy for Star Citizen players to get the most out of the game by spending some real-life money. 

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